Episode 30: Run-Offs and the RPT w/ Rep. Cole Hefner

Garrett & Andi
Mar 28, 2024By Garrett & Andi

In this week’s episode of 'Seeing Red,' hosts Andi Turner and Garrett Fulce welcome Representative Cole Hefner to dive deep into the intricacies of Texas politics. The discussion is rich with insights into recent primary outcomes, legislative successes, and house dynamics pertaining to the conservative movement in Texas. Listeners are in for a treat as Hefner shares his on-ground experiences and reflections on policy-making in the Lone Star State.

Following a victorious primary, Representative Hefner discusses his overwhelming support in East Texas and responds to various political movements within the state, highlighting the importance of honest and constructive actions in politics. The conversation transitions to the pressing issues of party roles, election integrity, and balancing representing local constituents and engaging with broader state initiatives. 

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