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About Us

The Seeing Red Podcast dives head-first into Texas politics with its hosts Garrett Fulce and Andi Turner, as they bring the facts, insights, and commentary on the issues that matter most to conservative Texans.

Our mission is simple: facts matter and an informed opinion is the key to making positive change in our great state.

Andi Turner brings nearly two decades of experience in policy and politics, having worked on dozens of campaigns, most recently serving as legislative director for the preeminent 2nd Amendment Rights organization in Texas.

Since 2007, Garrett Fulce – a fifth-generation Texan –  has held significant positions in various political campaigns and organizations across the country, culminating with a two-year stint as a  senior political staffer for a statewide elected official in Texas. He currently owns Fulce Consulting LLC, a political consulting and public relations company based in the Houston area.

The Seeing Red Podcast is founded on the belief that Texans deserve a focused and detailed examination of state and local issues that are overlooked by other coverage. The podcast's objective is to provide the audience with a fresh perspective, informed opinions, and new information on the issues that impact their lives.

The podcast aims to be a platform for thought-provoking discussions, seeking to win the battle of ideas through informed debate and respectful conversation. While presenting conservative arguments, "Seeing Red" remains open to engaging with well-argued points from differing perspectives.

Join us on this exciting journey as we explore Texas politics, tackle controversial issues, and provide a space for lively discussions. Be part of our growing community by subscribing to The Seeing Red Podcast on your favorite platform and sharing our episodes with others. Your feedback and input matter to us, so reach out to us at [email protected] and maybe we’ll include your email on our next episode!


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